About Dole

We are one of the leading importers and distributors of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the Nordic region.

This is a summary of our companies. For more information about Dole, please see www.dole.eu

Organisation and owner:
Dole Food Company Inc is the owner.

The group consists of four subsidiaries:
- AB Banan-Kompaniet (bananas)
- Dole Fresh Cuts, Sweden (precut lettuce and vegetables)
- Dole Fresh Cuts, Finland (precut lettuce and vegetables)

AB Banan-Kompaniet
Banan-Kompaniet is responsible for import, ripening, sales and distribution of bananas. It works mostly with Dole brand bananas, but also with KRAV-marked and other well-known brands such as Bajella and Onkel Tuca. Today, Banan-Kompaniet has two ripening facilities. The bananas are distributed both through Saba Frukt & Grönt and other wholesalers throughout Sweden.

Dole Fresh Cuts (Saba Fresh Cuts AB)
Dole Fresh Cuts produces Dole precut lettuce. The products are distributed to the Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German and Baltic markets. The production facility in Helsingborg is one of Europe’s most modern, and corresponds to today’s high demands of technology, quality, hygiene and food safety. We also have a modern plant (Saba Fresh Cuts OY) in Espoo, Finland.


Contact us:

AB Banan-Kompaniet
Frihamnsgatan 14
115 56 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 602 60 50 
Visiting address: Stockholms Frihamn

Dole Fresh Cuts
Box 15073
250 15 Helsingborg
Tel: +46 42 24 96 00
Visiting address: Torbornavägen 13 B, Helsingborg
E-mail: kundcentersfc@saba.se

Tel: +358 40 581 44 19
Visiting address: Orionintie 18-22, 02200 Espoo
E-mail: myynti.suomi@saba.se